Effects of smartphones on sleep

Nowadays, many people, lying in bed, actively interact with their smartphones. How does it affect the body? And Smartphones have become part of our lives. Very often we violate our regime due to the fact that we cannot part with them, we check our mail, have a conversation on social networks or check the […]


High blood pressure during pregnancy: causes and consequences

Every pregnant woman needs to control many different factors that can potentially affect her condition and sometimes use mist carminative: nutrition, lifestyle, stress, environment, bad habits, etc. It is important to carefully monitor your health, because the health of the baby directly depends on this. One of the key points in this matter is the […]


Rapid heartbeat

Tachycardia is not a separate disease, but a consequence of abnormalities in other body systems. It is a type of arrhythmia in which the pulse rate increases to 90 beats or more. In some cases this drug helps: Rapid heartbeat is not always a symptom of any disease. Healthy people may be caused by […]


Autoimmune diseases

Such a powerful weapon as the immune system can attack one’s own body as well. Then autoimmune diseases occur. Different medications are prescribed for them, including: Autoimmune diseases are diseases associated with the malfunctioning of the human immune system, which begins to perceive its own tissues as foreign and damage them. Such diseases are […]


Levogastrol indications

Levogastrol – An indication is a term used for the list of condition or symptom or illness for which the medicine is prescribed or used by the patient. For example, acetaminophen or paracetamol is used for fever by the patient, or the doctor prescribes it for a headache or body pains. Now fever, headache and […]


Vladimir Stefanov about Remove “apron”

The help of a plastic surgeon today may be required by the most ordinary person, not only a hollywood “star”.  External flaws give rise to complexes that greatly interfere with personal and professional life.          “long-livers” in a number of plastic surgeries are corrections of the anterior abdominal wall (abdominoplasty) and mammary glands.  Men also […]



Special Indications for Taking Epitomax

The use of Epitomax for the treatment of acute migraine attacks has not been studied. Caution should be exercised in patients with renal and hepatic impairment, nephrourolithiasis (including personal and family history), hypercalciuria. Patients with impaired renal function and patients on hemodialysis require correction of epitomax dosing regimen. Epitomax should be discontinued gradually to minimize […]



Viral hepatitis is an infectious inflammation of the liver caused by viruses such as A, B, C, D and others. They may be acute or chronic, but they are always life-threatening. Unlike medicinal, autoimmune and other non-contagious hepatitis, viral hepatitis is manifested not only by jaundice, increased liver volume and painfulness, but also headache, fever, […]


Who is at risk of hepatitis C infection?

Risk groups An effective vaccine capable of protecting against hepatitis C infection does not yet exist, which means that anyone can get it.But there are also specific risk groups: drug addicts who use a shared syringe, people who were transfused before 1992;people who have undergone several surgical procedures (including dental manipulations); people who have pierced […]


Hepatitis C info

According to the World Health Organization as of July 2015, there are 150 million people in the world who are infected with hepatitis C. Every year about 4 million more people are infected with hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is a severe viral liver disease, but it is completely curable, especially if you start therapy on […]